This is another edit of an old photo. I know that I have been relying on that a lot, which I feel bad about. But due to circumstances at home I had to cancel my trip to SDCC, so at the moment it’s hard to pick up my camera. But I will work through it.

This is actually musician Jason Manns during Roman Holiday this year. He was very serene when he was walking around, taking everything in. I felt intrusive taking his photo – it was his very “stillness” that made me want to photograph him. So it’s the constant push-pull about taking photos in these situations. I often wonder about photojournalists in dramatic situations and if they feel the need to step in rather than step back and take a photo.

The edit has his eyes shrouded, but the crane of his neck is relaxed, and I like the sharpness of his profile and the sharpness of the barely visible edge of the statue. I also like the analogous red colouring (different shades of red that would be alongside each other on a colour wheel) – his shirt, the wall, the worn parts of the stone.

(So I can’t take photos at the moment but I can certainly talk about them!)

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