Kings of Con



Those who have been following my blog have known that I have a special fondness for Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr.

They are two of the funniest, warmest, most genuine guys you could ever hope to meet. They have been nothing but kind to me when I’ve been lucky enough to meet them, and always encouraging of my photography.

Well, this time I want to help them by giving a signal boost to a project they are currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. They are actually very close to getting to their goal, but would still like help spreading the word!

So what is their project? It’s a comedy called “Kings of Con” 

“….after years of appearing at airport hotels across the country and abroad, they’ve created “Kings of Con”,  a single camera comedy inspired by their real experiences that goes beyond the autograph lines and photo ops to what really makes the cons truly crazy and unpredictable – the actors paid to be there.”

So please, if you can, donate at their indiegogo page at the link below. If anyone can truly show you what it’s like to be at a convention, it’s these two!

Donate here!

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