Elinchrom Studio Lighting Test 3 // Two Lights

Today was the first day I tried adding a second light to my set up and I immediately felt like I forgot everything I read.


I just had a basic setup with two strobes in softboxes, one acting as a key light and one slightly angled to create fill and hopefully bring them out from the background.

It was hard balancing the ambient light in the kitchen with the two lights, but I had them on the lowest settings possible.






As you can see, the glamour of having her portrait taken has well and truly gone for Charlie.



My post processing has made them look a lot darker than they did SOOC (straight out of camera), so I think I was a bit heavy-handed in that respect? Something I need to watch out for.


Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC)




It’s a very steep learning curve, but I think I just have to keep trying to experiment!

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