“The Smell Of Rubber” by Chris Schmelke

Anyone who has followed this blog knows that Chris Schmelke is a huge influence for me. I’ve been so fortunate that he has always been willing to give me advice and support and encouragement, and he’s become like a big brother for me. He also happens to be one of the most talented photographers I know.

A lot of his “not work” photographs are landscapes but feel like more than that; they are haunting images concentrating on everything from the very small to the very large parts that make up a certain place or location. Desolate photos of an overgrown abandoned hospital, headlights of taxis and cars in a traffic jam in the middle of New York City, a Stormtrooper uniform in a Star Wars exhibit, an empty boardwalk over still water, his children at a playground.

My favourites are his black and whites featuring skies. The tonal and dynamic range, like the photo above, is incredible and gives so much depth and dimension you can almost see them rolling across the frame. It’s breathtaking and inspires me to work harder on my black and white photography.

You should follow Chris on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed.


One comment

  1. I am with you Megan! I love Chris’ B&W photography! They always invoke so much emotion, B&W photography has always done that for me, but recently Chris’ have been AWESOME in the Extreme!!Wish mine was half as good! I will get there some day!! We both will!!

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