Stanley Park / Coal Harbour Vancouver 2016

While I’m finishing my galleries of the Vancouver convention, I thought I’d share some photos that I took of Vancouver itself. I actually ventured outside and saw some of the beautiful landscape this time!

Chris Schmelke took me on a (long) walk on the Thursday before the con started, and showed me around Stanely Park. I didn’t take my camera, but I had my phone with me. He took his Leica, and it was fun watching him take photos, even if he kept making me hold his coffee while he did.

These were all just taken with my phone, that’s how stunning Vancouver is. It’s become one of my favourite places and I’m grateful Chris actually got me out to see some of the beautiful surroundings before a weekend locked in a convention hotel (nice hotel though).


  1. Hi Megan, Lynn who gave you a scarf here. I’m so glad that Chris to you out to show you some of BCs natural beauty. I live in Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island and would just like to put out there that I would love to host you and show you around anytime you feel you can add a couple of days to a trip to the west coast of NA. xox

    1. Hi Lynn! Thank you so much for the beautiful scarf, I love it so much! You didn’t have to go to any trouble for me!

      I am so grateful Chris took me out to see a little bit this time. I love Vancouver so much, it must be incredible to live in Canada. Thank you so much for your amazing offer <3

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