Osric Chau // Vancouver 2016 Photoshoot

The photoshoot I did with Osric Chau in Vancouver was the 8th photoshoot that we’ve done, and true to form I had no idea it was going to happen until about an hour before it did.

Osric had been really, really busy over the Summer and had even missed a couple of conventions due to filming. When I went over for VanCon I didn’t even know if we were going to be doing a shoot; and even when I got there I was told he would be doing a shoot with Chris Schmelke.

On the Saturday (Osric’s last day at the con before he flew out of the country), Chris messaged me to tell me to meet him, and told me that I was doing the shoot. Osric had driven home to get a suit, and by the time he got back we had about half an hour until he had to eat and do sound check for the Louden Swain Saturday Night Special.

(This is all to illustrate how incredibly rushed things like this are; there’s barely any time to think or plan, but likewise there’s no time to overthink and worry.)

It was about 7PM, but as it was still Summer in Vancouver the light was only just starting to leave. It wasn’t quite golden hour, but close to it.








Because Osric was dressed in a suit, and because of the location where we took the photos, they ended up having a completely different feel to any of the other shoots we’ve done. They looked a lot more mature, and I think it was a combination of things that framed the shoot that way.

It wasn’t cosplay, so it wasn’t necessarily a character. It came from a more personal place, and that felt a bit more grounded. To a certain degree it was still acting, but there was more of an emphasis on trying to capture something rooted in reality as opposed to a concept.




It became more about me trying to find a way to show “him”, but it was a “him” that he was letting me see. I’m still learning direction, and being more proactive about what I want in shoots. I was so grateful my friend Kat was there to help, because she’s excellent at direction and knows Osric well.








It’s probably the shoot I’m most proud of and was most surprised at how it turned out. Because I went into it not really knowing what we were going to do, we ended up just using the location as a guide and going from there. Ideas were bounced around, we tried different things and if something didn’t work we scrapped it and moved on. It was a lot of fun, and I was so happy with how it turned out.

I think it shows a lot how much we’ve both maybe grown, in front of and behind the camera?


  1. All of these images are so beautiful and it allows us a glimpse of Osric that I don’t think we see very often from him. Just stunning!

  2. Gorgeous photos as always! When I saw this batch popping up on your Twitter I thought things like, “This is a different type of shoot for them, I wonder whose idea it was and how the idea developed,” and “However they chose this location it totally works, Meg obviously scouted that place out for a while to find the best spots with all the effective lines to enhance the backgrounds.” (The one of him on the stepping stones with half his head cut off, all those lines all over the place, with the steps on one side and the bench on the other, then the stepping stones at the bottom it’s so beautifully balanced and frames him so well and is amazing.) So my eyes bugged a bit when I read this and saw that it was all totally spontaneous without a clue and done in half an hour! Just goes to show that creative brilliance can happen in the blink of an eye without the need to overthink it all. As someone who is a world champion procrastinator and overthinker in every aspect of life, this is a lesson I should learn, so thank you Miss Meg (and Osric) for the example.

    1. Thank you so much Phee! <3

      It was very spontaneous! I had actually seen the stone steps the day before with Chris, he took a photo of them, so I had seen them before.

      But it actually helped that we used it with Osric because the next day I could use it too when I took the photo of Misha. It was actually a really, really nice place for taking photos. Very quiet and kind of tucked away in plain sight? And it looked good both in colour and in black and white, because there was so much texture and line to it.

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