Werribee Open Range Zoo

Everything I’ve read has said that Wildlife photography is both one of the most popular forms of photography and also the hardest to break into. It is expensive both financially and time-wise, and there are very little avenues for one to make a living from it, unless you are lucky enough to be discovered by National Geographic or Discovery.

But I still love going to the zoo and taking photos. I find it both relaxing and challenging. It helps me to slow down and concentrate, to take differing conditions and make them work. To make it look like the pictures aren’t taken at a zoo takes a lot of work. I’m constantly awed by the animals and feel very humbled taking their photographs.

Beautiful Gorilla, Werribee Open Range Zoo

Werribee was a completely different experience than Melbourne Zoo. It felt less “caged”, and I could get really close. It was a very rainy day, so there was hardly anyone around. I felt very free to take my time, to sit patiently and watch for the right behaviour/mood/frame. It was one of the best experiences I have had photographing so far. A perfect precursor to how hectic the next few weeks will be :/

Majestic, Werribee Open Range Zoo

Hippo, Werribee Open Range Zoo

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