This isn’t a photo I took today, so technically it probably doesn’t count. I took this photo of Misha in 2012, at All Hell Breaks Loose here in Melbourne. It’s interesting to see how far I’ve come. I can look at this photo and sort of see the foundation of a “style” – the “tightness” in the way it’s framed, the unusual angle, the way he’s looking outside the frame – that are all things I still do today. But I can also see so many problems; the degradation in the detail because the camera’s ISO is pushed too far beyond it’s limit, the softness in the focus, the lack of detail in the shadow, the editing.

Because it’s a JPEG file, I can’t really go back and try to salvage and edit it in a way that you could with a RAW file. So it will always be the way it is. Flaws and foundations and all.