Maarten De Boer



Tom Hiddleston photographed by Maarten De Boer

I love Maarten De Boer, so he will probably be on here a few times over the course of the year (Tom Hiddleston too, let’s be real here). There’s something so simple and elegant about the way he photographs people. He uses both black and white and colour, but his colour photos are always very understated and muted and never gaudy. They’re often very simpleĀ  – more or less just a plain background and the subject. It’s all in the connection, in the strong gaze of the subject.

In the above photo of Tom Hiddleston, the light is done in such a way that there is barely any shadow cast across his face, it’s not stark at all. It’s not necessarily “flat” light, because that would be unflattering too; it’s more a diffused, even light. The grey is a good colour for a backdrop; it tends to work with whatever colours are put in front of it rather than competing for attention.

It’s just a beautiful example of a portrait.

If you want to see anymore of Maarten De Boer’s work, his website is here